My name is Nickolay, I am a Software Architect, DevOps, Developer and co-owner of Coderico. This site is my personal knowledge base, I keep here some useful notes and tools for various things.

You can find my projects and open-source components on GitHub, source code of this site is also available there.

Public projects

  • Coderico: Parent company and set of core components (infrastructure and backend). It is used by various web projects and mobile applications.

  • User.Press: Web publication engine with customizable user interface and data sources. It is used as a core component (frontend) by other web projects.

  • Market.Money: Algorithmic trading engine, generates trading alerts - good time to buy (oversell) or sell (overprice) with recommended prices. It is used as a main component for various stock and cryptocurrency projects (including Telegram bots and channels).

  • Stores.Place: Marketplace engine, it is used to publish products from various data sources.

  • Shop.Management: E-commerce management engine, product feeds import and transformation.

  • Kovalev.Shop: Kovalev shop, urban fashion.

  • Advert.Market: Marketing engine and agency, it is used for advertising and promotion.

  • Web Console: Web-based application to execute shell commands on a server directly from a browser (web-based shell). Outdated, not supported.

Planned projects

  • Review.Direct: Crowd-sourced reviews about places, services and businesses.

  • Retailer.Center: Retailers portal with products available for wholesale or dropshipping.


I am open for mutually beneficial partnership with individuals, businesses and investors. I am ready to share my expertise to create new or customize existing projects and explore opportunities that could generate revenue. You can contact me by e-mail: contact@nickola.dev.


My Bitcoin address: 1NeDa2nXJLi5A8AN2CerBSSWD363vjdWaX